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Beech tree dismantle – watch us work!

Back in the summer, we did some filming! We filmed the dismantle of a beech tree using a timelapse technique, so that you could view a job spanning 7 or 8 hours in just 3 minutes! We don’t work that fast in reality, but it gives you a good idea of hoiw we work, and explains what we are doing and why.

Enjoy the video!

Video Transcript

Sid Valley Tree Surgery have been looking after Devon’s trees since 1990. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, and wanted to show you what we do.

Here we can see the dismantling of a tree from start to finish for one of our regular customers in the Bickwell Valley area of Sidmouth in Devon. Clear felling was not an option, as this tree was in a confined space – having precious flower borders, delicate shrubs and an immaculate lawn below.

In this situation, we use a special 1 ton rigging system to allow us to gently and accurately lower sections of the tree in order to protect surrounding plants, lawns, greenhouses and other delicate objects from being damaged. In almost 25 years, we have never been beaten by a tree in a confined space.

You can see in the video that each section is carefully prepared, cut, lowered and gathered by our highly skilled team – after which it is removed from the garden and either chipped or turned into firewood. Our team are fully trained and qualified, and have many decades of combined experience under their belts. Experience really counts with these sort of jobs.

As well as being experienced – our staff have a love for trees and the environment. We are lucky here in Devon to still have many wonderful trees left – and the majority of our time is spent looking after them by pruning, deadwooding, thinning, shaping, crown-raising and making them safe in public areas. We don’t like taking down trees – in fact it makes up a very small percentage of our work – but in this particular case this beech had grown into a poor form because it had been suppressed by other trees. As you can see it was very tall and thin as it reached up for the light. By taking it out, we have allowed the trees around it more space to grow properly.

The environment is important to us, and all waste is recycled locally. The thicker lengths are turned into firewood, whilst the brush is chipped for garden mulch. It is a nice thought that sometime next winter, this tree will be keeping someone in the Sidmouth area warm – and some time later, when it is ready to be used, the mulch will be giving nutrients back to gardens all over.

After dismantling the tree, everything was removed and the garden thoroughly tidied. We are often complemented on our nice manner, and the good job we do in tidying up after ourselves, and believe this to be as important as the actual tree work.

The customer was very happy with the end result, and being a local company, we aim for complete customer satisfaction.

We cover all forms of tree work, from the very large to the very small – and we are only too happy to come and give you a free, no-obligation quote should you need something doing in your garden. The main area we cover is East Devon and the rest of Devon, including Sidmouth, Exmouth, Honiton and Exeter – but we also do jobs further afield in Somerset and Dorset.

If you’d like further information, or to request your free quote, please visit our website at www.sidvalleytreesurgery.co.uk.

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Beech tree dismantle – watch us work!

Back in the summer, we did some filming! We filmed the dismantle of a beech tree using a timelapse technique, ...