Sometimes it is necessary to fell a tree, this can usually be done by one of two ways.

Felling the tree from the base, this method is usually used in a wooded area or garden with adequate room and with little in the way. This method can be carried out with a high degree of accuracy.

Section felling is the removal of a tree in a confined space, lowering each branch and trunk section in a highly controlled manner as to avoid any damage to nearby objects. i.e. houses, conservatories, or any number of things. This operation involves a qualified climber or person in a hydraulic platform, ropes, winches, pulleys, lowering devices etc. Our climbers are trained to NPTC CS38/30. 

We at Sid Valley Tree Surgery prides ourselves in the fact that when all the works are completed, we leave the site clean and tidy, with only our work to admire.

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